How to Call on the Divine with a Mantra Meditation Practice

Awakening Shakti with Mantra, Meditation and Sound The feelings of peace, clarity and freedom arise when I work with the Goddess Mantras. I started my mantra practice 15 years ago, which led me to my first harmonium only 5 years ago. This heart-warming fusion has opened my heart and soul in many mysterious ways, that could only be defined as the illumination of the Blissful Emptiness. Mantras are not just a collection of words, mantras contain the divine energies that they are calling on and bringing alive the power of divine creativity, sacred manifestation, and every sub atomic particle of the [...]

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Founding Story: Richard Branson’s Advice to Open Up White Peacock Yoga Studio!

Founding Story: Richard Branson’s Advice to Open Up White Peacock Yoga Studio! If you find yourself being called to begin something new, and you're feeling the challenge to dare greatly and step beyond anything you've ever done before and leap forward... You might just appreciate our founding story with game-chasing advice by RICHARD BRANSON! Here's the story of our Founder, Audrey Sarquilla and her remarkable inspiration to open White Peacock Yoga Studio, suggesting that sometime the Universe really does have your back 🙂 Hanging with Richard Branson on his private island, Necker, happened out of the blue and in such synchronicity with all [...]

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Summer Solstice Shakti Celebration

Save the Date for Sister Gathering on June 24th, 2017  Our sister circle is calling for you to share your light and presence.  This community event in honor of sisterhood opens the door to bring women together and share words of inspiration and healing. Remembering that everything that is arising in our lives is exactly as it needs to be and we are not alone on this journey. Being seen by other women is an opportunity to feel empowered and supported, so that our dreams and wounds around the feminine can heal and be transformed. Take the time for yourself to [...]

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Sacred Play & Ayurvedic Retreat in Goa, India this October!

There is this place in India, Samata Goa, where food is medicine and the surrounding divine creativity brings alive the dance between Shiva + Shakti, the sacred dance of masculine and feminine. This place calls to every yogi and lover of pilgrimage. Join White Peacock owners Audrey Sarquilla and Chris Sarquilla on a life-altering adventure! The Sacred India Motherland Tour is an unforgettable voyage into Goa, where golden beaches of India gather passionate seekers from around the world. (Please note: the first week of the Sacred India Motherland Tour in Rishikesh is sold out, further registration is only available in Goa for the 2nd week October 7-14th, 2017) [...]

Love Yourself With A Hip Opener Yoga Flow

Our bodies hold onto things we think we we’ve let go of. This is why yoga is a therapeutic practice as it unravels, breaks through and crumbles away stuck energy. The hips happen to hold a LOT of emotional gunk. Have you ever extended into Camel Pose only to feel a wave of rage or maybe euphoria? Have you ever folded over into a lengthy Pigeon Pose and felt tears welling up? It’s not uncommon for hip opener yoga poses to get the best of you. Don’t hold back. Breathe and release whatever emotions you feel. The greatest gift [...]

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What Winter Solstice Means to Me

Every year around December 21st, the Universe exposes one of its greatest gifts – sunlight. This day marks the beginning of Winter which many associate as dreary, cold, cozy, and barren. This day is called Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year because it has the least amount of sunlight. If you’re a sun-loving spirit like me, this darkness can be startling. But if you know what’s actually happening on Winter Solstice, you may want to start celebrating it. Yes, this day is darkest of the year, but everyday after begins to gain more sunlight. It's like a rebirth. [...]

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