It is HOT outside! Are you feeling the lull of rising temps? Dehydration, lack of energy, loss of appetite and slower metabolism are a few ways hot weather can affect us – beyond just feeling hot and sweaty. Working out is the last thing we want to do right now – just get us to the ocean… and to yoga class.


Yoga is the solution for nearly everything including it being the cool way to combat the heat. When the body is full of fiery Summer fuel, it’s important to balance the heat with cooling poses. Try these at home when you feel overheated:


Floor twist

Twisting poses help with detoxification. If you find yourself moving less when it’s hot out, you need help removing the toxins and move stagnant energy. Go deeper with Garudasana (Eagle Pose) legs, unravel legs to ease up the intensity, or use a block under your knees for support. Breathe and feel the release of a floor twist.


This pose:

  1. Opens the hips
  2. Eases lower back pain
  3. Aids digestion



Hang out longer in Savasana to ease muscular and emotional stress. Breathe deep and feel the body melt in the floor. Since few homes in San Diego have air conditioning, place a cool cloth over your eyes or behind your neck to regulate your body temperature.



Drink more water and do more yoga.