Audrey Sarquilla-Wild Thing

The San Diego County coast is sprinkled with beach cities that beat to the heart of healthy humans. One of these coastal destinations is Encinitas, CA – a place I call home. It’s both easy and difficult to sit still in Encinitas, but not because it’s a fast-paced city. Rather, it’s a community of active individuals who thrive by the oxygen-rich sea and balance life with healthy foods and good drinks (ahem… cocktails).

From morning to night, I soak up the soul-filling offerings of Encinitas, and it’s neighboring communities Leucadia and Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Pick any week and you will see me at one (or all) of my favorite places. If you haven’t visited some of these lovely Encinitas gems, I highly recommend you do.


  • Visit Self Realization Fellowship (SRF). This beautiful place is a jewel on the coast. I come here for a helping of serenity. The vibration is high, the meditation gardens are gorgeous and I always leave feeling joy.


  • Every Thursday after I teach we either meet our kids (They drive) at Best-Awan Pizza House by the coast or head across the street from White Peacock to Pho Ever, because, well, I love their Pho and I like being a regular. It’s “my” place. You are welcome to join me!


  • The quaint Coast Highway-born Swami’s Café is growing and has a location near WPY. I love the hearty portions and healthy options.


  • I take my dogs to Cardiff State Beach for some ocean playtime. I get to walk the shoreline and they get to romp in the sand. This is precious time I take for myself to recharge.


  • The best salad in Encinitas is at Le Papagayo. Order the Wahine Salad and a glass of their Sangria. I’m a one-drink wonder and their sangria is delicious!


  • Solace and the Moonlight Lounge is a favorite date night spot my husband and I frequent. Connecting with my partner and nurturing the romance is something we crave.


  • I love walking in to Bliss 101. This sweet shop has such wonderful finds and it’s a great place to go for gifts – for yourself and for friends.


  • When I need a nutrient-rich and refreshing cold-pressed juice or a delicious smoothie, I don’t have to go far. Thank goodness Nekter Jucie Bar on El Camino Real is across the way from White Peacock Yoga Studio.


  • Grocery shopping isn’t so daunting. When I need fixings for dinner I grab what I need at Trader Joe’s which is just down the street from the studio.


  • Yoga at White Peacock Yoga. It’s a shameless plug but my day is never complete without stopping in, teaching at, or practicing yoga at WPY. This space is truly my heart. I hope you make it your nurturing place and become part of our awesome White Peacock Village.


I’ve got everything I need within a two-mile radius – how lucky am I!


Where are your North County hot spots?