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(Mostly) Stress-Free Blogging for Yogis

You’ve been thinking about blogging for a while. A looong while. You love the idea of writing, but when it comes to actually doing the writing, you hit a huge wall of inner resistance. I hear you. I’ve been there so many times. I know how it goes: it seems impossible to figure out what to write, let alone how to make the time for writing. Well, I’m here to report that blogging is indeed possible and mostly stress-free. So take a deep breath and let’s get started. First step: Generate a list of topics in advance, which will prevent [...]

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Yoga is My Life Line

I remember my first few yoga classes. Back in those days, I initially believed yoga was just a series of pretzel-like poses I managed to put my body into. But then I started noticing how good I felt after class. My body was relaxed. I felt a sense of peace. I wondered: How did this yoga stuff work, exactly? Yoga helps me cultivate peace and harmony (OM!) Curious about my experiences, I began to look into this yoga business a little deeper. Almost instantly, I stumbled upon the major revelation that, wowee, yoga isn’t just about poses! It’s [...]

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Yoga Wear + Gear: White Peacock Faves

It’s true: All anyone needs to practice yoga is a willing mind and some kind of accommodating space. But let’s face it—some decent fitting yoga leggings and a well-made yoga mat can make a huge difference in the practice experience. Our fave yoga gear includes bolsters, blocks, bags and, of course, our very own White Peacock tank. The other thing is, who wants to buy clothing or props by lame-o companies that pollute without care and outsource their manufacturing to sweatshops? Not this gal here. And I’m guessing you don’t, either. A friend of mine recently asked [...]

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Yoga Books: Audrey’s Faves

Reading yoga books is an important aspect of developing practical wisdom. We gather yoga wisdom from a variety of sources. There’s our teachers, who observe our patterns and lend their own experiential insights. We can soak it up at retreats and conferences and workshops. There’s magazines and videos too. Of course, nothing beats our very own practice, which shows us where our bodies and minds are on any given day. But sometimes a book comes along that rocks our whole concept of yoga—and what it means to practice yoga. Some solid alone time with a book like this [...]

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How to Choose a Yoga Retreat

Curious about the availability of yoga retreats, I embarked on a little experiment with a Google search. Wow—at least 15 million (15 million!) results pull up when you search for “yoga retreat.” That’s a lot of options. With so many to choose from, how does one go about choosing a yoga retreat? If you’re an experienced retreat attendee, you know it all depends on what you’re looking for. But if you’re new to retreats, the immense range of possibilities can seem overwhelming. In hope of making the decision easier for you, I’ve compiled the most essential considerations you’ll want [...]

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10 Ways A Yoga Teacher Training Will Transform Your Life (Even if You’re Not Sure You Want to Teach)

A yoga teacher training is essentially a wildly deep inner journey through the philosophy and practices of yoga. It’s an amazing opportunity to focus on intentions and dig into the vastness of the body and mind. Must one want to teach yoga in order to do a teacher training? Nope. You can light up the world with yoga whether or not you decide to teach it. So, here’s my top 10 reasons to do a yoga teacher training. 1. Get to know your yoga. It’s wonderful to take classes with teachers, who remind you to breathe and lend tips [...]

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Yoga Therapy or Yoga IS Therapy?

Webster’s Dictionary defines therapy as: “the treatment of physical or mental illnesses.” Related words touch upon similar meanings: ther•a•peutic (thr-pytk) also ther•a•peu•ti•cal (-t-kl) adj. 1. Having or exhibiting healing powers: a therapeutic agent; therapeutic exercises. 2. Of or relating to the medical treatment of a disease or condition. adj. Also, ther`a•peu′ti•cal. 1. of or pertaining to the treating or curing of disease or disorders; curative; rehabilitative. 2. serving to maintain or restore health: 3. having a beneficial effect on one's mental state, esp. in serving to relax or calm. Huh: All yoga is therapeutic when going by these definitions, wouldn’t you say (pretty much every dedicated practitioner I [...]

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No Yoga Guru Here

I’ve wrestled with the idea of a yoga guru since the 1990s, when I was in my early 20s and just starting a yoga practice. I thought having a guru meant handing over all my reason, free will and decision-making processes to a teacher, a person just as fallible as any other human being—ludicrous! When I discovered that guru has other meanings like “venerable” and “respectable,” and that a guru is ultimately one who shines a bright light on our dark, I started getting interested. I read in the Upanishads that “gu” means darkness and “ru” means destroyer. I [...]

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Pranayama: Just Breathe

It’s kind of a no-brainer to say that breathing is important to our health and well-being. I mean, hello, we literally can’t live without breathing. I think of my lungs as dense, primary forest—they absorb and expel toxins, feeding my blood with balanced amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide, keeping my cells happy and my mind free from agitation. Once in while, I momentarily lose site of the forest and have a hard time finding my center. But reestablishing peace is as simple as placing awareness on my breath. For that reason pranayama, or control of energy flow through breathing, [...]

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New Year, New Intention

In looking back on 2013, I see a major pattern. Many of us have been “manifesting” our  adrenal glands to exhaustion, zonking out our immune systems in the endless quest for being, doing and having more. The adrenal glands are those tiny powerhouses perched atop our kidneys, and these glands help regulate our hormone and energy levels, which of course is key to immune function and overall vitality. With our constant push for self-improvement, we’re stressing the adrenals, doing ourselves more harm than good. We are good enough. We are doing enough. We don’t need to burn ourselves out to [...]

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Sleepless Nights Can Suck It!

12:00am. 2:00am. 4:00am. I’m still awake, watching the clock hours march toward morning. At this point, there’s no hope of catching some z’s. More anxiety builds as I think about the miserable, drowsy fog I will be dragging myself through to complete the to-do-lists of the day. Now, I am a sleeper. I usually experience no problem with drifting off into la-la land. My head hits the pillow, my body melts into the glorious oblivion of sleep and I’m off counting the sheep. Usually. So where did this bout of insomnia come from? There can only be one answer: the [...]

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Stay Inspired + Thrive in Your Practice

In developing a lifelong relationship with yoga, you’ll occasionally feel like you’re sinking in the yoga doldrums, where your practice becomes routine and dull. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about when that happens. It’s actually a really great sign that you’re ready to evolve your practice. Notice what lights you up and bow to your inner spark. As with any longterm relationship, remembering what first attracted you to yoga will pull you out of the slump and keep the flame alive. Here are the top 5 foundational reminders I’ve relied on to stay inspired and thriving in my practice for [...]

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How to Create a Yoga Practice that’s Yours

Are you planning to start a yoga practice next year (‘tis the season of resolutions, after all)? Or perhaps you’re just plain ready to dive more fully into your existing practice? Wherever you may be, it’s my mission to see you thrive in your practice, to help you create a practice you love because it’s yours. If you’re new to yoga, you may be wondering where to start. Or maybe you’ve studied with the same teacher consistently and feel an urge to broaden your horizons. Whatever the case, I encourage you to try different styles of yoga and seek out [...]