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300/500-Hr Training

Distinguish Your Teaching White Peacock Yoga’s advanced teacher training will help you build your knowledge in advanced elements of yoga and bring greater depth to your personal practice. Our 300/500-hour yoga teacher training is approved and accredited by Yoga Alliance. The White Peacock Yoga 300/500-hour yoga teacher training program [...]

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Online Yoga Training + Mystic Academy 1000 Hr

Yoga Training + Mystic Academy - 1000 HRS Welcome! I'm honored that you've found your way here! At the heart of our teaching is The Chintamani चिन्तामणि  (chintā-maṇi). The Chintamani is a wish-fulfilling, magical jewel which manifests whatever one wishes for. In much of this magical gem's ancient history [...]

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Retreats with Audrey Sarquilla

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