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Dive Deeper: What’s next on your path?

Bhakti Immersion vs. Yoga Teacher Training Some days we feel emotionally and physically stronger than others. Other days we might feel a little depleted. Understanding the ebb and flow, the highs and lows of your physical and emotional body is quite profound. What soothes you, what shakes you? Have you noticed you are more in tune with yourself the more you do yoga? That is the magical part of the yogi’s journey. The more you turn to the practice, the more you find – perhaps because there is more you are seeking.   What are you seeking?   What comes [...]

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How to be a yoga teacher

Ready to Take a Bigger Step on the Yoga Path?   When we apply our own wisdom to everyday life, we experience deeper connections with our families and communities. One by one, our local families and communities form a network of love and unity. That’s why the inspired practice of yoga matters.   Often, that is why yoga students become yoga teachers – because they are so inspired they must share the gift with others. Have you thought about being a yoga teacher? A yoga teacher training is a great gift to yourself and your practice – whether you are [...]

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Reiki 1 Certification, March 12th + 13th

WHITE PEACOCK YOGA SCHOOL PRESENTS: REIKI RE:ENVISIONED by Belinda Pearl REIKI FIRST DEGREE CERTIFICATION Level 1. AN INTRODUCTION INTO INTUITIVE HEALING Experience the traditions of reiki channeled by Dr. Usui re-envisioned to adopt aquarian age frequencies. Led by Belinda Pearl; Reiki Master, Intuitive healer + Spiritual teacher, who encompasses over 20 years of spiritual practice + has a myriad of healing modalities to draw upon to create a truly re-envisioned REIKI healing experience. Level 1 introduces you to the infinite potential of reiki, opening the door for further discovery down the path of energetic, intuitive + spiritual healing. This introductory [...]

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10 Ways A Yoga Teacher Training Will Transform Your Life (Even if You’re Not Sure You Want to Teach)

A yoga teacher training is essentially a wildly deep inner journey through the philosophy and practices of yoga. It’s an amazing opportunity to focus on intentions and dig into the vastness of the body and mind. Must one want to teach yoga in order to do a teacher training? Nope. You can light up the world with yoga whether or not you decide to teach it. So, here’s my top 10 reasons to do a yoga teacher training. 1. Get to know your yoga. It’s wonderful to take classes with teachers, who remind you to breathe and lend tips [...]

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