Yoga Sutras of Patañjali

Yoga Books: Audrey’s Faves

Reading yoga books is an important aspect of developing practical wisdom. We gather yoga wisdom from a variety of sources. There’s our teachers, who observe our patterns and lend their own experiential insights. We can soak it up at retreats and conferences and workshops. There’s magazines and videos too. Of course, nothing beats our very own practice, which shows us where our bodies and minds are on any given day. But sometimes a book comes along that rocks our whole concept of yoga—and what it means to practice yoga. Some solid alone time with a book like this [...]

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New Year, New Intention

In looking back on 2013, I see a major pattern. Many of us have been “manifesting” our  adrenal glands to exhaustion, zonking out our immune systems in the endless quest for being, doing and having more. The adrenal glands are those tiny powerhouses perched atop our kidneys, and these glands help regulate our hormone and energy levels, which of course is key to immune function and overall vitality. With our constant push for self-improvement, we’re stressing the adrenals, doing ourselves more harm than good. We are good enough. We are doing enough. We don’t need to burn ourselves out to [...]

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How to Create a Yoga Practice that’s Yours

Are you planning to start a yoga practice next year (‘tis the season of resolutions, after all)? Or perhaps you’re just plain ready to dive more fully into your existing practice? Wherever you may be, it’s my mission to see you thrive in your practice, to help you create a practice you love because it’s yours. If you’re new to yoga, you may be wondering where to start. Or maybe you’ve studied with the same teacher consistently and feel an urge to broaden your horizons. Whatever the case, I encourage you to try different styles of yoga and seek out [...]