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Love Yourself With A Hip Opener Yoga Flow

Our bodies hold onto things we think we we’ve let go of. This is why yoga is a therapeutic practice as it unravels, breaks through and crumbles away stuck energy. The hips happen to hold a LOT of emotional gunk. Have you ever extended into Camel Pose only to feel a wave of rage or maybe euphoria? Have you ever folded over into a lengthy Pigeon Pose and felt tears welling up? It’s not uncommon for hip opener yoga poses to get the best of you. Don’t hold back. Breathe and release whatever emotions you feel. The greatest gift [...]

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Gratitude + Detox Yoga Flow

You know it’s coming and you try to be prepared – plan ahead, save money, not stress. Yet, somehow the last six weeks of every year have us feeling too busy and bloated to enjoy all of the bliss. In the midst of gatherings, gift giving and gluttony, our bodies take on stressors we’re not used to and it makes us feel mentally and physically unhinged.   This doesn’t mean the holiday season is completely toxic or shouldn’t be celebrated. It’s just a matter of choosing to slow down and stay present. Even too much of a good thing can [...]

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How you end is how you begin 

  It’s hard to believe the year is almost over. Where does the time go? Before we know it, we’ll be shouting the countdown to a New Year. January 1 marks the beginning of the year while millions of people rush to begin again by setting resolutions that soon dissipate into thin air.   I’ve got a new plan for you.   Life is cyclical – the seasons are proof of this. So instead of hard starts and stops, let’s ever evolve into the beings we’re meant to be. If you want to see change, you must do the change [...]

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How to create your sacred space

We need to get away from the hustle and grind of life. We don't mean a pack-your-bags-and-go retreat (although those are great too), but rather a daily escape from the outside world where you can connect to your Self. Devoting quiet, introspective time in a replenishing space each day offers profound benefits to your mental, physical and emotional health and vitality.   First things first, you must have a space that feels good in order to return to it each day. This is your sacred space. It can be a room, a corner, your garden, anywhere. Belinda Pearl and I show you how to find and create [...]

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Wring out the heat with more yoga

It is HOT outside! Are you feeling the lull of rising temps? Dehydration, lack of energy, loss of appetite and slower metabolism are a few ways hot weather can affect us - beyond just feeling hot and sweaty. Working out is the last thing we want to do right now - just get us to the ocean… and to yoga class.   Yoga is the solution for nearly everything including it being the cool way to combat the heat. When the body is full of fiery Summer fuel, it’s important to balance the heat with cooling poses. Try these at home when [...]

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Getting RAW with Belinda Pearl

  Encinitas is known for yoga and its collection of diverse and stellar yoga teachers. One of them is Belinda Pearl. Belinda is an integral part of White Peacock Yoga Studio in Encinitas. She is a teacher, an adventurer, a child of the stars, and a great friend.   Much can be learned by the way Belinda arrives each day – with appreciation, joy and vigor. She is the definition of Real, Authentic Wisdom. You can tell so by her answers to our Q&A – How do you live RAW?   What is the first thing you do when you wake [...]

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Fill up at Sunday Bhakti Brunch

White Peacock Yoga Sunday Bhakti Brunch... come for connection and leave with good vibes that last all week long!   Who doesn’t love brunch? This late morning enjoyment is synonymous with mimosas and buffets, but it’s also about connecting with friends and starting the week off with a celebratory (and indulgent) positive note. We’ve got a little brunch of our own at White Peacock Yoga studio in Encinitas. However, instead of noshing on omelets, you’ll be filling up on yoga and music during our Sunday Bhakti Brunch led by White Peacock Yoga Studio Owner, Audrey Sarquilla.   Bhakti yoga is the [...]

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The Music and Man Behind DTO

Music is simply amazing. The notes drift through the air and as they land on our ears, our body is compelled to move – tap a foot, roll the shoulders or sway the hips. Beyond the physical movement music provokes, there is a physiological response that has the power to elevate your mood, decrease your stress, increase your motivation and even enhance your performance and focus. Music has a profound ability to support meditation and movement.   So it’s natural for us at White Peacock Yoga to offer rhythms in our yoga classes that not only support the yoga flow [...]

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7 Minute Airplane Yoga Flow

To travel is a gift. Whether it’s flying off to a foreign land or jumping a couple states over, traveling gives you a fresh look at life that can sometimes go stale without a change of scenery (and culture). For many of us, actually getting to your destination is the boring part of traveling; you are forced to sit still in a small space as time passes by. If you travel by plane, the plight of getting from Point A to Point B is even more unpleasant as it wreaks havoc on your body and mind – more than you [...]

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Getting RAW with Audrey Sarquilla

The RAW Series: asking powerhouse humans how they Live RAW: real.authentic.wisdom. Getting RAW with White Peacock Yoga Studio Owner Audrey Sarquilla.     What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Kiss the hubster, cuddle with my pug (Lila), then roll out of bed onto my meditation cushion.   What is your power mantra? "Inhale courage, exhale Fear...No one is below me. No one is above me."   What pose challenges you the most and why? Backbends! I do a lot of them because my body has a difficult time with them. Over the years, I feel freer in [...]

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Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Yoga Retreat

To remove yourself from everyday stresses and routines can quite possibly be one of the most healing and rewarding things you can do for yourself. That’s why White Peacock Yoga hosts yoga retreats in beautiful settings outside of our Encinitas yoga studio, like in Bali and Costa Rica. It’s important to step away and explore your practice beyond the edges of your familiar yoga mat.   Are you ready to retreat for a grand life reset? Wondering what your next step is? With thousands of options, we know it can be completely overwhelming to pick a yoga retreat. To help [...]

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Dive Deeper: What’s next on your path?

Bhakti Immersion vs. Yoga Teacher Training Some days we feel emotionally and physically stronger than others. Other days we might feel a little depleted. Understanding the ebb and flow, the highs and lows of your physical and emotional body is quite profound. What soothes you, what shakes you? Have you noticed you are more in tune with yourself the more you do yoga? That is the magical part of the yogi’s journey. The more you turn to the practice, the more you find – perhaps because there is more you are seeking.   What are you seeking?   What comes [...]

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The meaning behind White Peacock

White Peacock Yoga studio in Encinitas, California, is more than four walls and downward facing dogs. It’s a boutique yoga studio and yoga school with a powerful purpose – from namaskars to the name itself. Stepping inside our yoga studio, we want every student and teacher to arrive with pure heart and compassion for themselves and their community. Thus, the White Peacock Yoga Studio came to be. We’re often asked what the meaning is behind our name – so here it is… The story and symbol of the peacock Picture a peacock and you will probably envision a brilliantly colored [...]

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(Mostly) Stress-Free Blogging for Yogis

You’ve been thinking about blogging for a while. A looong while. You love the idea of writing, but when it comes to actually doing the writing, you hit a huge wall of inner resistance. I hear you. I’ve been there so many times. I know how it goes: it seems impossible to figure out what to write, let alone how to make the time for writing. Well, I’m here to report that blogging is indeed possible and mostly stress-free. So take a deep breath and let’s get started. First step: Generate a list of topics in advance, which will prevent [...]

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Yoga is My Life Line

I remember my first few yoga classes. Back in those days, I initially believed yoga was just a series of pretzel-like poses I managed to put my body into. But then I started noticing how good I felt after class. My body was relaxed. I felt a sense of peace. I wondered: How did this yoga stuff work, exactly? Yoga helps me cultivate peace and harmony (OM!) Curious about my experiences, I began to look into this yoga business a little deeper. Almost instantly, I stumbled upon the major revelation that, wowee, yoga isn’t just about poses! It’s [...]

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No Yoga Guru Here

I’ve wrestled with the idea of a yoga guru since the 1990s, when I was in my early 20s and just starting a yoga practice. I thought having a guru meant handing over all my reason, free will and decision-making processes to a teacher, a person just as fallible as any other human being—ludicrous! When I discovered that guru has other meanings like “venerable” and “respectable,” and that a guru is ultimately one who shines a bright light on our dark, I started getting interested. I read in the Upanishads that “gu” means darkness and “ru” means destroyer. I [...]

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New Year, New Intention

In looking back on 2013, I see a major pattern. Many of us have been “manifesting” our  adrenal glands to exhaustion, zonking out our immune systems in the endless quest for being, doing and having more. The adrenal glands are those tiny powerhouses perched atop our kidneys, and these glands help regulate our hormone and energy levels, which of course is key to immune function and overall vitality. With our constant push for self-improvement, we’re stressing the adrenals, doing ourselves more harm than good. We are good enough. We are doing enough. We don’t need to burn ourselves out to [...]

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Stay Inspired + Thrive in Your Practice

In developing a lifelong relationship with yoga, you’ll occasionally feel like you’re sinking in the yoga doldrums, where your practice becomes routine and dull. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about when that happens. It’s actually a really great sign that you’re ready to evolve your practice. Notice what lights you up and bow to your inner spark. As with any longterm relationship, remembering what first attracted you to yoga will pull you out of the slump and keep the flame alive. Here are the top 5 foundational reminders I’ve relied on to stay inspired and thriving in my practice for [...]

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