Love Yourself With A Hip Opener Yoga Flow

Our bodies hold onto things we think we we’ve let go of. This is why yoga is a therapeutic practice as it unravels, breaks through and crumbles away stuck energy. The hips happen to hold a LOT of emotional gunk. Have you ever extended into Camel Pose only to feel a wave of rage or maybe euphoria? Have you ever folded over into a lengthy Pigeon Pose and felt tears welling up? It’s not uncommon for hip opener yoga poses to get the best of you. Don’t hold back. Breathe and release whatever emotions you feel. The greatest gift [...]

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Lessons learned from off the mat and into the jungle

Returning from a yoga retreat is both wonderful and dreadful. I’m eager to take all of the reflective thoughts and regained energy from the retreat and infuse it into daily life. On the other hand, leaving paradise is never easy – it’s back to routine.   White Peacock Yoga hosts an annual yoga retreat to Costa Rica. We’ve been doing it for years because we love the Pura Vida way and the rich jungle ceases to amaze us. It’s hard not to reflect on the time away. In fact, it’s a must. Every journey deserves recognition. So what did I [...]

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7 Minute Airplane Yoga Flow

To travel is a gift. Whether it’s flying off to a foreign land or jumping a couple states over, traveling gives you a fresh look at life that can sometimes go stale without a change of scenery (and culture). For many of us, actually getting to your destination is the boring part of traveling; you are forced to sit still in a small space as time passes by. If you travel by plane, the plight of getting from Point A to Point B is even more unpleasant as it wreaks havoc on your body and mind – more than you [...]

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