Yoga Therapy or Yoga IS Therapy?

Webster’s Dictionary defines therapy as: “the treatment of physical or mental illnesses.” Related words touch upon similar meanings: ther•a•peutic (thr-pytk) also ther•a•peu•ti•cal (-t-kl) adj. 1. Having or exhibiting healing powers: a therapeutic agent; therapeutic exercises. 2. Of or relating to the medical treatment of a disease or condition. adj. Also, ther`a•peu′ti•cal. 1. of or pertaining to the treating or curing of disease or disorders; curative; rehabilitative. 2. serving to maintain or restore health: 3. having a beneficial effect on one's mental state, esp. in serving to relax or calm. Huh: All yoga is therapeutic when going by these definitions, wouldn’t you say (pretty much every dedicated practitioner I [...]