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Gratitude + Detox Yoga Flow

You know it’s coming and you try to be prepared – plan ahead, save money, not stress. Yet, somehow the last six weeks of every year have us feeling too busy and bloated to enjoy all of the bliss. In the midst of gatherings, gift giving and gluttony, our bodies take on stressors we’re not used to and it makes us feel mentally and physically unhinged.   This doesn’t mean the holiday season is completely toxic or shouldn’t be celebrated. It’s just a matter of choosing to slow down and stay present. Even too much of a good thing can [...]

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Break Out of the Studio Box: 15 Creative Ways to Share Your Yoga

I’m happy that more and more people seek out yoga classes and teacher training programs. It’s a clear indication that the benefits of yoga are making a difference for us individually and collectively. Now, as more yoga enthusiasts develop and deepen their yoga practice, they may feel called to share this beautiful, centering practice with the world and teach yoga themselves. I’ve been asked, “Are there still opportunities to teach in areas where there are already so many teachers?” My answer is “Yes!” So, worry not, emerging yoga teachers! This is our chance to break out of the studio box [...]

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