Yoga is My Life Line

I remember my first few yoga classes. Back in those days, I initially believed yoga was just a series of pretzel-like poses I managed to put my body into. But then I started noticing how good I felt after class. My body was relaxed. I felt a sense of peace. I wondered: How did this yoga stuff work, exactly? Yoga helps me cultivate peace and harmony (OM!) Curious about my experiences, I began to look into this yoga business a little deeper. Almost instantly, I stumbled upon the major revelation that, wowee, yoga isn’t just about poses! It’s [...]

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Yoga Books: Audrey’s Faves

Reading yoga books is an important aspect of developing practical wisdom. We gather yoga wisdom from a variety of sources. There’s our teachers, who observe our patterns and lend their own experiential insights. We can soak it up at retreats and conferences and workshops. There’s magazines and videos too. Of course, nothing beats our very own practice, which shows us where our bodies and minds are on any given day. But sometimes a book comes along that rocks our whole concept of yoga—and what it means to practice yoga. Some solid alone time with a book like this [...]

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Pranayama: Just Breathe

It’s kind of a no-brainer to say that breathing is important to our health and well-being. I mean, hello, we literally can’t live without breathing. I think of my lungs as dense, primary forest—they absorb and expel toxins, feeding my blood with balanced amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide, keeping my cells happy and my mind free from agitation. Once in while, I momentarily lose site of the forest and have a hard time finding my center. But reestablishing peace is as simple as placing awareness on my breath. For that reason pranayama, or control of energy flow through breathing, [...]

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