How to Call on the Divine with a Mantra Meditation Practice

Awakening Shakti with Mantra, Meditation and Sound The feelings of peace, clarity and freedom arise when I work with the Goddess Mantras. I started my mantra practice 15 years ago, which led me to my first harmonium only 5 years ago. This heart-warming fusion has opened my heart and soul in many mysterious ways, that could only be defined as the illumination of the Blissful Emptiness. Mantras are not just a collection of words, mantras contain the divine energies that they are calling on and bringing alive the power of divine creativity, sacred manifestation, and every sub atomic particle of the [...]

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What Winter Solstice Means to Me

Every year around December 21st, the Universe exposes one of its greatest gifts – sunlight. This day marks the beginning of Winter which many associate as dreary, cold, cozy, and barren. This day is called Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year because it has the least amount of sunlight. If you’re a sun-loving spirit like me, this darkness can be startling. But if you know what’s actually happening on Winter Solstice, you may want to start celebrating it. Yes, this day is darkest of the year, but everyday after begins to gain more sunlight. It's like a rebirth. [...]

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How to bring your chakras into harmony

by Belinda Pearl What does it mean to be in this body and in this life? Do you remember the true causal reason for being incarnated? There are many questions to contemplate when we think about life, and the many wondrous mechanisms that bring us to our fullness. And, possibly there are many, many more reasons and questions that will surface when contemplating the very reason we came to this Earth. The gist of the matter is that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. In order to remember the part that reminds us that we are "spiritual [...]

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How to create your sacred space

We need to get away from the hustle and grind of life. We don't mean a pack-your-bags-and-go retreat (although those are great too), but rather a daily escape from the outside world where you can connect to your Self. Devoting quiet, introspective time in a replenishing space each day offers profound benefits to your mental, physical and emotional health and vitality.   First things first, you must have a space that feels good in order to return to it each day. This is your sacred space. It can be a room, a corner, your garden, anywhere. Belinda Pearl and I show you how to find and create [...]

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Reiki 1 Certification, March 12th + 13th

WHITE PEACOCK YOGA SCHOOL PRESENTS: REIKI RE:ENVISIONED by Belinda Pearl REIKI FIRST DEGREE CERTIFICATION Level 1. AN INTRODUCTION INTO INTUITIVE HEALING Experience the traditions of reiki channeled by Dr. Usui re-envisioned to adopt aquarian age frequencies. Led by Belinda Pearl; Reiki Master, Intuitive healer + Spiritual teacher, who encompasses over 20 years of spiritual practice + has a myriad of healing modalities to draw upon to create a truly re-envisioned REIKI healing experience. Level 1 introduces you to the infinite potential of reiki, opening the door for further discovery down the path of energetic, intuitive + spiritual healing. This introductory [...]

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Yoga is My Life Line

I remember my first few yoga classes. Back in those days, I initially believed yoga was just a series of pretzel-like poses I managed to put my body into. But then I started noticing how good I felt after class. My body was relaxed. I felt a sense of peace. I wondered: How did this yoga stuff work, exactly? Yoga helps me cultivate peace and harmony (OM!) Curious about my experiences, I began to look into this yoga business a little deeper. Almost instantly, I stumbled upon the major revelation that, wowee, yoga isn’t just about poses! It’s [...]

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Sleepless Nights Can Suck It!

12:00am. 2:00am. 4:00am. I’m still awake, watching the clock hours march toward morning. At this point, there’s no hope of catching some z’s. More anxiety builds as I think about the miserable, drowsy fog I will be dragging myself through to complete the to-do-lists of the day. Now, I am a sleeper. I usually experience no problem with drifting off into la-la land. My head hits the pillow, my body melts into the glorious oblivion of sleep and I’m off counting the sheep. Usually. So where did this bout of insomnia come from? There can only be one answer: the [...]

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