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Gratitude + Detox Yoga Flow

You know it’s coming and you try to be prepared – plan ahead, save money, not stress. Yet, somehow the last six weeks of every year have us feeling too busy and bloated to enjoy all of the bliss. In the midst of gatherings, gift giving and gluttony, our bodies take on stressors we’re not used to and it makes us feel mentally and physically unhinged.   This doesn’t mean the holiday season is completely toxic or shouldn’t be celebrated. It’s just a matter of choosing to slow down and stay present. Even too much of a good thing can [...]

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No Yoga Guru Here

I’ve wrestled with the idea of a yoga guru since the 1990s, when I was in my early 20s and just starting a yoga practice. I thought having a guru meant handing over all my reason, free will and decision-making processes to a teacher, a person just as fallible as any other human being—ludicrous! When I discovered that guru has other meanings like “venerable” and “respectable,” and that a guru is ultimately one who shines a bright light on our dark, I started getting interested. I read in the Upanishads that “gu” means darkness and “ru” means destroyer. I [...]

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How to Create a Yoga Practice that’s Yours

Are you planning to start a yoga practice next year (‘tis the season of resolutions, after all)? Or perhaps you’re just plain ready to dive more fully into your existing practice? Wherever you may be, it’s my mission to see you thrive in your practice, to help you create a practice you love because it’s yours. If you’re new to yoga, you may be wondering where to start. Or maybe you’ve studied with the same teacher consistently and feel an urge to broaden your horizons. Whatever the case, I encourage you to try different styles of yoga and seek out [...]

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