There is this place in India, Samata Goa, where food is medicine and the surrounding divine creativity brings alive the dance between Shiva + Shakti, the sacred dance of masculine and feminine. This place calls to every yogi and lover of pilgrimage.

Join White Peacock owners Audrey Sarquilla and Chris Sarquilla on a life-altering adventure! The Sacred India Motherland Tour is an unforgettable voyage into Goa, where golden beaches of India gather passionate seekers from around the world. (Please note: the first week of the Sacred India Motherland Tour in Rishikesh is sold out, further registration is only available in Goa for the 2nd week October 7-14th, 2017)

We will heal our hearts, uplift our spirits and reignite passion for life!  Play is accessible to all and Chris and Audrey will be there to facilitate a journey of Yoga, chanting, live music, meditation and a whole lotta PLAY to light up your soul! We will also have plenty of beach excursions to play in the sand and to connect with the warm oceans of India.

You will have two guides: Audrey – an incurable optimist and Chris – the absolute realist. They weave together a meadly of yoga classes, trainings and retreats to make yoga accessible to all. They inspire others to share their unique talents and gifts so that they live life filled with passion and purpose. As the founders of White Peacock Yoga, they share the teachings of traditional yoga practices in a relevant, modern way reminding anyone that enters their classes that they were born wise and they were born whole, we just came here to serve and remember!

Sacred Play & Ayurvedic Retreat in Goa, India this October!

7 nights and 2 yoga classes per day on an Organic farm where you will be harmonized with an Ayurvedic way of life! Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy is one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India and it’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

Tune in to this short video below to hear Audrey’s personal insights on this extraordinary retreat in India. This is your opportunity to explore and anchor a whole new way of life inspired by ancient India and its wisdom.


Register for Sacred India Motherland Tour

There are just 5 more spots left to join this October 7th-14th. This is your invitation to experience a new chapter in life and revive your freedom and adventure loving spirit!

Rates + Details For Goa and how to REGISTER HERE

Questions? Email Audrey

*Important note: plan to arrive at New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport. Depending on where you’re traveling from, your arrival  date  may  differ  from your departure  date. You may cross the dateline and may need to plan your international flight 2 days prior to the date of arrival. Everything else that you need to know is shared here.

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