White Peacock Yoga studio in Encinitas, California, is more than four walls and downward facing dogs. It’s a boutique yoga studio and yoga school with a powerful purpose – from namaskars to the name itself. Stepping inside our yoga studio, we want every student and teacher to arrive with pure heart and compassion for themselves and their community. Thus, the White Peacock Yoga Studio came to be. We’re often asked what the meaning is behind our name – so here it is… The story and symbol of the peacock


Picture a peacock and you will probably envision a brilliantly colored bird with radiant swirls of teal, blue and purple detailing the most precise pattern on its tail. When he fans out his elaborate feathers, the beauty is breathtaking and he appears almost proud of his aesthetic stature. And why shouldn’t he be? He is majestic. The paradox of this display is that the peacock isn’t prideful or ostentatious, but is rather a symbol of love, compassion, and peace. The Buddhist story of Kuan Yin best describes our intention for the White Peacock name. According to the myth, Kuan Yin, goddess who looks upon the world with compassion, ran her jade hands down the brown bird’s feathers and made 1,000 eyes of the peacock tail to watch and protect us. The peacock was created to look over humankind with compassion while Kuan Yin isn’t around.


The moral of the tale is that each of us can embody the spirit of Kuan Yin. Let the peacock remind us that through our yoga practice (on and off the mat), we can bring peace and tranquility to this world through our compassion. When a peacock is white To see a peacock that is white (they actually do exist!) does not lessen the vibrancy of the bird’s magic. The peafowl is born yellow and turns brown or white. The absence of color doesn’t strip away the heart and symbolism of the peacock’s mythological story. Instead, it strengthens it with the power of white.


White is the color of purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. White is pure, the peacock is compassion – and nothing is more important than love that is honest and pure. Welcome to White Peacock Yoga Studio, nestled in Encinitas, CA. Our name means “pure compassion”. The yogic quality of purity we strive for is Sattva in Sanskrit. This is what you will experience when you enter our Village. And it is what we hope you take with you when you leave. We hope to meet you soon! xx, Audrey