Returning from a yoga retreat is both wonderful and dreadful. I’m eager to take all of the reflective thoughts and regained energy from the retreat and infuse it into daily life. On the other hand, leaving paradise is never easy – it’s back to routine.


White Peacock Yoga hosts an annual yoga retreat to Costa Rica. We’ve been doing it for years because we love the Pura Vida way and the rich jungle ceases to amaze us. It’s hard not to reflect on the time away. In fact, it’s a must. Every journey deserves recognition. So what did I take away from this year’s jungle yoga adventure? Plenty.


Stay flexible.


Nothing goes as planned. That is for sure. From years of going to the same place in Costa Rica, we have a few spots we love and like to visit. But our favorite restaurants were closed – because twins were born or the business had moved… the gelato place didn’t survive the year. We even showed up to one rooftop restaurant and they happened to be closed just that night, even after we had talked to the proprietor the day before. What is a yogi, if not flexible? So we dug in and improvised. We walked into town for all-you-can-eat pizza and had one of the best nights of the entire trip – drinking wine and eating some of the best thin crust fresh veggie pizza I’ve ever had!



Keep going.


The first morning I taught class I got stung by a bee – crunched the poor guy behind my knee while doing Anjaneyasana. What the heck was he even doing there?! The searing pain reminded me I was alive and my steady teaching helped me focus on the task at hand – holding space for the class. Luckily, I had peppermint spray on hand to remedy the sting and no one even knew. (Except for Teague, my comedic assistant, who watches me like a hawk and knows if anything goes awry). I whispered the happening to my husband Chris while he was in Downdog just in case my leg ballooned and I ran out of the shala for a Benedryl. I’m slightly allergic to bee stings.



Recognize and appreciate the small moments.


Our trip was filled with adventure! There was surfing for some, relaxing for others, and, for all of us, a big sleep over each night with everyone hanging in hammocks and laughing. I enjoyed the daily stride we had settled into. I am inspired by how the retreaters were able to embrace the dusty roads, the change of pace, the adventure of new currency and language.




Be grateful.


One of my students told me she would have never gone to Costa Rica and my retreat made this foreign adventure accessible to her and her husband. She felt taken care of. She commented on the amount of effort we took in planning their adventure from beginning to end, making it easy for them to enjoy themselves.


I love to travel and it changes me every time I get out of my comfort zone. I’m overwhelmed with joy that my students are able to have this opportunity. Because of this, White Peacock Yoga continues hosting yoga retreats and I keep leading them.


The next yoga retreat is in Bali which always brings an abundance of beauty and more life lessons I get to learn from.