Awakening Shakti with Mantra, Meditation and Sound

The feelings of peace, clarity and freedom arise when I work with the Goddess Mantras. I started my mantra practice 15 years ago, which led me to my first harmonium only 5 years ago. This heart-warming fusion has opened my heart and soul in many mysterious ways, that could only be defined as the illumination of the Blissful Emptiness.

Mantras are not just a collection of words, mantras contain the divine energies that they are calling on and bringing alive the power of divine creativity, sacred manifestation, and every sub atomic particle of the known and unknown Universes. 

This is why my intentions, prayers and mantras include connecting with  Infinite Light & Infinite Sound. When I play and hear the harmonium, it is as if lifetimes of layers get peeled away and shed all my blocks and fears…I rise refreshed, renewed, buzzing with the creative flow, immersed in the grace and magic of Shakti manifest…

It was also 15 years ago, I distinctly remember embodying Kali during an internal “Dark Night of the Soul” moment. When the initial fear subsided, I felt the loving presence of liberation and freedom. I knew then that this was my call to learn about the pantheon of Hindu Goddesses.

This is how my path brought me to Sally Kempton’s ‘Awakening Shakti’  and her entire body of work on the Goddesses. Most recently, I studied with Sally in person, and was given this Mantra that is now my regular Mantra & Meditation practice.

To my surprise, the melody of this Mantra spontaneously arose after an extraordinary meditation, and it felt so familiar and sacred to me. It is now indelibly a part of who I’ve become with this practice. I share it with my students one-on-one and in my classes, and I’ve shared it on YouTube with you all.

Click on the blog to listen, tune in, and get the description of this magical mantra on the blog! 

My wish for you is to consider the transformational power of meditation with mantra as a way to connect with the forces of the Universe, as well as the sweetness of your own soul!


If you would like to work with the Goddesses one-one-on and learn how to choose the right mantra for you, feel free to connect with me at [email protected] or just send me a private message on Facebook or Instagram!

All is love, Audrey


Awakening Shakti – Audrey’s Meditation Mantra 



Drawing the presence of Goddess Durga (Chamunda) removes the effect of all types of black magic, unfavourable effect of negative planets, Bad luck, health problems, problems due to enemies etc.

Goddess Saraswati, The Wise One

Goddess Lalita, The one who embodies herself in the universe and then draws her soul back into complete oneness – the Illuminous Emptiness

Goddess Kali, Her true nature is divine pleasure…the power of sacred Transformation

Goddess Chamunde – Remover of negative blocks

Goddess Saraswati – Aim

Goddess Lalita – Hreem

Goddess Kali – Kleem

All of them are held together with the power of OM the power of Shiva – The Masculine, permanent force of the Universe!

This is an esoteric process, embodying sacred sound: We have come to recognize the awakening, the purity and awakening of Kundalini Shakti, it has an analog of the earth center, root core of the body, and when we uncover, its a place of profound silence, stillness and power… all sound arises out of silence.