Full Moon Sister Circle

It’s our favorite time to gather! Calling in all ladies for another musical, mystical and magical circle! Come Early and Adorn yourself with Henna, Beautiful gifts in our Boutique hand carried from India, Imbibe in a special Blue Flower tea grown in India to harmonize + optimize feminine energies and spend time in community with other Sisters!

*Bring your doubt, and transmute it into CERTAINTY
*Bring your fear and transform it into LOVE
*Bring your scarcity and fill yourself up with ABUNDANCE
*Bring your loneliness and hold a hand in SISTERHOOD
Guided by Audrey Sarquilla

Guided by: Audrey Sarquilla

Energy Exchange: $30 prepay, $35 day of

*Henna is extra cost, come early to Adorn yourself

Please register in advance* SIGN UP HERE!!