Celebrate the coming of Summer with us at Friday’s Free Workshop starting at 12:30 PM on June 23rd, hosted by founder, Audrey Sarquilla and her special guest, Nailia Minnebaeva. SIGN UP HERE!

Calling in all Crystal Lovers, Dream Weavers, Visionaries and Yogis of all traditions! Come talk magic with us and create Crystal Grids & Vibrational Temples of peace and beauty within and without. Bring your crystals for charging & cleansing. 

Free Fen Workshop June 24

Fun Workshop: Working with Crystals, Jewels & Gems
Activate. Cleanse. Energize. Heal. Adorn. Protect.   

Are you drawn to working with crystals? Do you seek out gems when buying jewelry and collect crystals in your house?

Would you like to learn more about the timeless mysteries of the mineral kingdom and discover how you can access nature’s life force and your inner gifts and intuitive wisdom?

Discover intentional application for crystals, including those rooted in ancient wisdom schools as well as feng shui and the royal art of adornment. Learn how to select stones (colour, shape and the right application) to enhance personal energy and the energy space of your home, office, car, yoga and meditation space. Learn how to select crystals for protection and which decorative stones can also be charged to attract love, prosperity and inner peace.

In this immersive workshop we’ll explore the mineral kingdom and crystalline energy and how to work with crystals, jewels and gems to enhance our space and manifesting power & vision quest.
Audrey Sarquilla will present her Chintamani Mystic in the second segment as well as lead a group meditation to set your soul on fire and light you up into deeper alignment!
with Special Guest Nailia Minnebaeva

In this immersive presentation, Nailia demonstrates how to charge, cleanse and activate crystals and personal jewelry for intentional use. Nailia Minnebaeva is a dedicated creative, as well as crystal bowl meditation, hatha yoga instructor, as well as Crystal Healing & Pranic Healing Practitioner studying with respected energy masters, Master Stephen Co at the Asian Institute of Inner Studies.

Exciting announcement: we’ll be premiering new jewelry items at the workshop as well as offer a discount on our store’s collection of jewelry, travel bags and yoga clothes. Starting on Friday, June 23rd you can also TREAT yourself at our studio boutique and enjoy 20% Merchandise Sale from June 23 to June 26th! This is your chance to get the jewels and malas you’ve been thinking about 🙂