Founding Story: Richard Branson’s Advice to Open Up White Peacock Yoga Studio!

If you find yourself being called to begin something new, and you’re feeling the challenge to dare greatly and step beyond anything you’ve ever done before and leap forward… You might just appreciate our founding story with game-chasing advice by RICHARD BRANSON!

Here’s the story of our Founder, Audrey Sarquilla and her remarkable inspiration to open White Peacock Yoga Studio, suggesting that sometime the Universe really does have your back 🙂

Hanging with Richard Branson on his private island, Necker, happened out of the blue and in such synchronicity with all the wild dreaming I was doing at the time of travel. I had already planned Costa Rica, Italy and a month long trip in India all within 5 months of each other.

What was one more exotic excursion? My dear friend called and asked if I’d like to come on this trip with her. Uhhh, yes! Please and thank you! Being invited to Necker, hanging with one my dear friends, and teaching yoga to Richard Branson was surely an EPIC adventure. We paddle board raced around the island trying to keep up with Richard (that was not happening!)

He taught us a game of Brazilian dice (out of 10 of us I almost beat him!), we boated and snorkeled with the future grand-dude (he had grand kids on the way) like he was an old dear friend to every one there, we had breakfast, lunch and dinner with him as if we were at his own dining room table. Oh, wait we were. This is hOMe! The entire week was a surreal posh camp of the kindest people I have ever met.

Richard was always kind to EVERYONE. I felt fortunate to have genuine conversations with this mega-entrepreneur and my biggest take away from him was this: I asked Richard: How do you deal with the self-doubt and fear of failure?

Here is Richard’s advice to me:

“Audrey, you just don’t have time for that. You are so passionate at what you do. I can see that. You must do it!”

So what do you do when Richard Branson tells you that: “You must do it”?

I was negotiating the lease to my yoga studio space while on Necker island and in India. I was so inspired to just go for it while on Necker!

I knew that I had to do it even though everyone thought I was crazy to open a yoga studio in Encinitas, a yoga mecca, where yoga studios are on every corner. And two years in, I am so damn stoked that I did it!

You can imagine my excitement when Richard Branson wrote a blog about our experience and yoga together! The Virgin Blog! It was one of those synchronistic gifts from the Universe confirming that I was on my path and fully supported 🙂 Big thanks to Richard for this advice!

How about you?

What is your burning desire and what beginnings are you most passionate about?
Whatever you are being called to do right now, our wish for you is to find a path that truly honours and serves you! Even if you have to travel the world like Audrey, just to feel yourself come alive and meet individuals who inspire you to choose the path that leads to your purpose.

If you are considering our exotic retreats with Audrey Sarquilla, know that this is one of the most powerful personal development decisions that you’ll ever make, because these sacred sites will take you on a sensory, heart-opening journey so you can really feel what’s true for you. Immerse yourself into beauty and a powerful daily yoga practice while making new friends and life-changing experiences!
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