To remove yourself from everyday stresses and routines can quite possibly be one of the most healing and rewarding things you can do for yourself. That’s why White Peacock Yoga hosts yoga retreats in beautiful settings outside of our Encinitas yoga studio, like in Bali and Costa Rica. It’s important to step away and explore your practice beyond the edges of your familiar yoga mat.


Are you ready to retreat for a grand life reset? Wondering what your next step is? With thousands of options, we know it can be completely overwhelming to pick a yoga retreat. To help your decision, we’ve made a few notes that will help you book the trip, pack your bags and unlock the magic of a yoga retreat:


How to choose a yoga retreat

Answer these questions to outline your travel itinerary:

  1. How much time can you take off? Some retreats are weekend getaways while others are longer and more extensive. If you are limited on your days off, you might choose a local retreat that offers a 2-3 day getaway. At WPY, we have designed our 2016 destination yoga retreats to be immersive experiences that last 5-7 days.
  2. Where do you want to go? Where you choose to retreat will frame the time of year you want to go. We love tropical destinations where we can dig our toes in the sand and reap the benefits of oxygen-rich air and healing salt water. Our equator-centric retreat locations provide great weather for summer and winter travel.
  3. What is your focus? Do want to deepen your understanding of yoga – the physical practice as well as the philosophy? Or do you want to combine yoga with other active excursion activities – like surf and hiking – or maybe indulgent spa options? Look at the retreat’s itinerary to see what opportunities they provide for their attendees.



What to pack for your yoga retreat

It’s easy to over-pack for any vacation and especially one that may be unfamiliar to you. Our friends at Stelari made a list of yoga retreat essentials to help you out. Besides the critical travel documents, toiletries and identification, here are more items you need:

  • Yoga clothes that are lightweight and moisture-wicking
  • Travel yoga mat
  • Journal/notebook to document your journey
  • Water bottle and electrolytes (like sea salt or coconut water) to keep you hyrdated
  • Sun protection because sunburns hurt
  • Casual clothes for evenings (keep it simple)


What you don’t need:

  • Makeup
  • Blow dryer/curling iron
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Laptop
  • Heels
  • Self-doubt



How will I feel?

Each person will take away something different from his or her yoga retreat experience. Journaling, meditating and sharing are great ways to harness and understand the emotions that may come up for you while you’re away. Any time you remove yourself from normal life –especially while on a yoga retreat- you experience a shift (big or small) that can catapult you on the most beautiful and unexpected path. It’s important to remain open for the magic of it all.


Come with us. We can’t wait to renew your spirit on one of our yoga retreats. Learn more about: Costa Yoga Retreat and Bali Yoga Retreat