About Audrey

I am an incurable optimist! My goal is to inspire others to share their unique talents + gifts so that they live life filled with passion + purpose. As the founder of White Peacock Yoga School + Studio, I share the traditions of yoga practices in a relevant, modern way. I create and lead multiple certification programs globally and locally for yoga teachers, coaches and holistic health practitioners.

Lessons learned from off the mat and into the jungle

Returning from a yoga retreat is both wonderful and dreadful. I’m eager to take all of the reflective thoughts and regained energy from the retreat and infuse it into daily life. On the other hand, leaving paradise is never easy – it’s back to routine.   White Peacock Yoga hosts an annual yoga retreat to Costa Rica. We’ve been doing it for years because we love the Pura Vida way and the rich jungle ceases to amaze us. It’s hard not to reflect on the time away. In fact, it’s a must. Every journey deserves recognition. So what did I [...]

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How to create your sacred space

We need to get away from the hustle and grind of life. We don't mean a pack-your-bags-and-go retreat (although those are great too), but rather a daily escape from the outside world where you can connect to your Self. Devoting quiet, introspective time in a replenishing space each day offers profound benefits to your mental, physical and emotional health and vitality.   First things first, you must have a space that feels good in order to return to it each day. This is your sacred space. It can be a room, a corner, your garden, anywhere. Belinda Pearl and I show you how to find and create [...]

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Kirtan with Shantaya Sept 23rd

"Healing Mantras Unveil" Shantaya offers the world a gift of healing through sacred mantras. Her elegant and expansive music played on piano or harmonium, gracefully blended with dynamic vocals and a devotional heart provide a supportive wave of peace and transformation. Concerts are meditative celebrations where everybody can sing, breath and heal together during this Bhakti Yoga experience. When: Friday, September 23rd Time: 7:00 pm Cost:$20 or $25 day of Buy tickets HERE!

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3VOLution Workshop Sept 30th

3VOLUTION: Voice of the Soul. The voice of the soul speaks clearly through the subtle vibrations of intuition, guiding you to a higher state of soulful conscious awareness. Ignite the intuition as you ride the wave of life, opening the doorway of soulful evolution.     Together we will weave an illuminated connection to the soul, through the gateway of intuition, and create a sacred framework into the quantum field of infinite possibilities enfolding us in an enlightening + luminescent frequency of spiritual potentiality. What to expect: Enjoy a sacred retreat into the realm of intuition, creating a portal for the [...]

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Full Circle 10/7

FULL CIRCLE WORKSHOP Join Julia Sparkman for an evening of truth, connection, and evolution. During this two-hour women’s only workshop,  Julia will guide you through an all-levels yoga practice, meditation, and reflective journaling experience to help you get grounded, open, and clear. The circle will include an opportunity to share and connect. You’ll leave feeling vibrantly in-touch with yourself and a tribe of beautiful, loving women.   Julia, an experienced registered yoga teacher, has facilitated and coached hundreds of training sessions and workshops. She is a passionate purveyor of the healing powers of introspection and connection. Julia looks forward to [...]

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Asanassage Aug 26th

ASANASSAGE Experience partner yoga, Thai massage, Healing Marma Points + Therapeutic Wellness Touch. You can bring a partner or come alone to learn self-care techniques utilizing the ancient principles of yoga + Ayurveda. Bring- mat, towel, pen and notebook. Date: Friday, 8/26 Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30pm Led By: Audrey Sarquilla, E-RYT, CMT Cost: $30/person or $25/each for a couple Sign up now!!

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Getting RAW with Veronica Cesena

Have you seen Veronica Cesena’s radiant smile? It’s contagious – and so is her yoga spirit. Veronica is a 200 hour YTT graduate from White Peacock’s Encinitas Yoga Studio and is also currently enrolled in our 500 hour teacher training. WPY Owner Audrey Sarquilla leads the Yoga Teacher Trainings so she knows Veronica quite well – from student to teacher. “She is an invaluable support to me at the studio. Always willing to jump in and help,” says WPY owner Audrey Sarquilla, “I trust her with my classes as well when I’m out of town!”   She lives the Real Authentic [...]

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Wring out the heat with more yoga

It is HOT outside! Are you feeling the lull of rising temps? Dehydration, lack of energy, loss of appetite and slower metabolism are a few ways hot weather can affect us - beyond just feeling hot and sweaty. Working out is the last thing we want to do right now - just get us to the ocean… and to yoga class.   Yoga is the solution for nearly everything including it being the cool way to combat the heat. When the body is full of fiery Summer fuel, it’s important to balance the heat with cooling poses. Try these at home when [...]

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Getting RAW with Belinda Pearl

  Encinitas is known for yoga and its collection of diverse and stellar yoga teachers. One of them is Belinda Pearl. Belinda is an integral part of White Peacock Yoga Studio in Encinitas. She is a teacher, an adventurer, a child of the stars, and a great friend.   Much can be learned by the way Belinda arrives each day – with appreciation, joy and vigor. She is the definition of Real, Authentic Wisdom. You can tell so by her answers to our Q&A – How do you live RAW?   What is the first thing you do when you wake [...]

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Evolution Workshop, July 29th

EVOLUTION. Explore your Soul Connection. STEP INTO THE QUANTUM FIELD OF SOUL-HEALING & EVOLUTION Awaken your spiritual heart through a divinely guided spiritual retreat, creating a higher state of conscious awareness, which leads you through the doorway of soulful evolution.    Together we will create a sacred connection to source, composing the divine framework for us to dive deep into a state of self-mastery + empowerment for higher levels of spiritual potentiality.   What to expect. Join Belinda for a channeled experience of sacred kundalini + lightbody activation through an integrated yogic restoration practice, immersing deep into a spiritual retreat with [...]

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Why this yogini loves Encinitas

The San Diego County coast is sprinkled with beach cities that beat to the heart of healthy humans. One of these coastal destinations is Encinitas, CA – a place I call home. It’s both easy and difficult to sit still in Encinitas, but not because it’s a fast-paced city. Rather, it’s a community of active individuals who thrive by the oxygen-rich sea and balance life with healthy foods and good drinks (ahem... cocktails). From morning to night, I soak up the soul-filling offerings of Encinitas, and it’s neighboring communities Leucadia and Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Pick any week and you will see me [...]

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Goddess Empowerment :: Saraswati, Aug 5th

The GODDESS EMPOWERMENT Series: Saraswati "The Flowing One" Join us in our Goddess Series to learn how the Archetypes of the Goddesses can transform your life and heal your heart + spirit! Embrace + Embody the sacred powers within you, aspects of your unique self that connects you to the weaving fabric of the universe. Call on the elemental forces of the cosmos for healing + insight + support! You will be guided through a transformative experience including asana, mythology, music, crystals and cosmic meditations to Embrace the Yogini Goddesses within YOU! Goddess Archetype - Saraswati Shakti, Cosmic Creativity, is [...]

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Fill up at Sunday Bhakti Brunch

White Peacock Yoga Sunday Bhakti Brunch... come for connection and leave with good vibes that last all week long!   Who doesn’t love brunch? This late morning enjoyment is synonymous with mimosas and buffets, but it’s also about connecting with friends and starting the week off with a celebratory (and indulgent) positive note. We’ve got a little brunch of our own at White Peacock Yoga studio in Encinitas. However, instead of noshing on omelets, you’ll be filling up on yoga and music during our Sunday Bhakti Brunch led by White Peacock Yoga Studio Owner, Audrey Sarquilla.   Bhakti yoga is the [...]

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Handstand Workshop, June 12th

UPlift + Conquer Your Fears!  FOR STUDENTS + TEACHERS :: Two hours dedicated to getting you upside down! Get support with hands on adjustments, tips unique to your level in your handstands, arm balances + other inversions. TEACHERS: Learn techniques + adjustments to share with your students, that are easy + accessible and will have everyone walking out of your class feeling successful no matter the level! Led by Audrey Sarquilla Assistant: Veronica Cesena When: Sunday, June 12th Time: 2:00-4:00pm Investment: $30 early bird, $40 day of SIGN UP HERE!!

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The Music and Man Behind DTO

Music is simply amazing. The notes drift through the air and as they land on our ears, our body is compelled to move – tap a foot, roll the shoulders or sway the hips. Beyond the physical movement music provokes, there is a physiological response that has the power to elevate your mood, decrease your stress, increase your motivation and even enhance your performance and focus. Music has a profound ability to support meditation and movement.   So it’s natural for us at White Peacock Yoga to offer rhythms in our yoga classes that not only support the yoga flow [...]

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7 Minute Airplane Yoga Flow

To travel is a gift. Whether it’s flying off to a foreign land or jumping a couple states over, traveling gives you a fresh look at life that can sometimes go stale without a change of scenery (and culture). For many of us, actually getting to your destination is the boring part of traveling; you are forced to sit still in a small space as time passes by. If you travel by plane, the plight of getting from Point A to Point B is even more unpleasant as it wreaks havoc on your body and mind – more than you [...]

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Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Yoga Retreat

To remove yourself from everyday stresses and routines can quite possibly be one of the most healing and rewarding things you can do for yourself. That’s why White Peacock Yoga hosts yoga retreats in beautiful settings outside of our Encinitas yoga studio, like in Bali and Costa Rica. It’s important to step away and explore your practice beyond the edges of your familiar yoga mat.   Are you ready to retreat for a grand life reset? Wondering what your next step is? With thousands of options, we know it can be completely overwhelming to pick a yoga retreat. To help [...]

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Spring Full Moon + Earth Day

Intention. Kirtan. Movement. Meditation.  Ignite your heart on April’s Full Moon and celebrate Earth Day at White Peacock Yoga! Now more than ever our desire to change the world and have peace on earth needs to start in our own backyard…our own hearts! On this community evening we will be setting intentions, singing, moving + meditating to inspire each other to make our worlds + the whole world a better place. Led by: Audrey, Belinda, Centi + Shantaya Join us!! Bring: A cushion or pillow to sit on. No yoga mat required. When: Friday, April 22nd Time: 7:15 – 9:15 [...]

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Dive Deeper: What’s next on your path?

Bhakti Immersion vs. Yoga Teacher Training Some days we feel emotionally and physically stronger than others. Other days we might feel a little depleted. Understanding the ebb and flow, the highs and lows of your physical and emotional body is quite profound. What soothes you, what shakes you? Have you noticed you are more in tune with yourself the more you do yoga? That is the magical part of the yogi’s journey. The more you turn to the practice, the more you find – perhaps because there is more you are seeking.   What are you seeking?   What comes [...]

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Channel your inner goddess

She is a goddess! In our contemporary culture, that is what we might say about an inspirational, powerful or beautiful woman. While this is a grand compliment, the origin of “Goddess” has ancient mythological roots whose tales have transcended cultures to give us powerful moral and practical messages – if we are ready to receive them.   Learning the stories and channeling the Goddess energies is empowering. When you get acquainted with the Goddess Archetypes, you begin to recognize which Goddess you most identify with and whose powers you are in the most need of.   At White Peacock Yoga [...]

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