Audrey Sarquilla

Teaching Bio

Audrey Sarquilla E-RYT 500

Bhakta, Tantrika, Yogini, Audrey’s offerings come from over 26 years of a multi-lineage journey.

Her early years in pre-med, Behavioral sciences, Hypnotherapy and bodywork modalities set the stage for Yearning for More Spiritual insight. Teaching yoga for the past 17 years she is grateful to her many teachers for Awakening her on the Yogic Path. Audrey’s Classes are filled with heart, full of philosophical gems of understanding and awareness, expressed with humor, love and humility.

Audrey guides yoga Classes, Kirtans and women’s circles as a form of self-discovery and empowerment rooted in many traditions including Western Traditional Mysteries, Ashtanga, Bhakti and Tantra yogas.

Audrey Created, owned and Operated a yoga studio for several years in Encinitas, California where her heart and home will always reside even during all of her travels and living abroad.

Audrey is an international yoga teacher hosting workshops, retreats and trainings in the United States, India, Costa Rica, Italy and Bali.

Kirtan Bio

The First time Audrey played her harmonium tears streamed down her face And she felt her Beloved Kuan Yin by her side. At that moment Her teacher Confirmed; “You’ve found your Divine instrument.” Audrey shares the same love and devotion with her students she learned from her teacher. Audrey has Traveled to India pilgrimaging to sacred sites and receiving transmissions from Masters living on the Ganges enabling her to go deeper into her Awakening with Bhakti and Tantra Yoga. Her Kirtan’s are accessible to all, steeped in devotion and sprinkled with humor. Audrey’s love of chanting encourages others to open their hearts, awaken their voices to share Love and their truth with the world. We are all in this together!

Signature Class – Bhakti Flow

A dynamic, soulful, devotional and rejuvenating physical yoga practice fusing Hatha Vinyasa yoga with live music and the qualities of bhakti yoga (gratitude, open-heartedness, humility, compassion, and devotion).