White Peacock Yoga invites you to explore the art of yoga through empowered studentship, continuing education, and a loving community. We’re honored to be a part of your personal journey to wholeness and freedom. Welcome!

Meet the Owners: Audrey + Chris Sarquilla

Audrey is an incurable optimist. Her goal in life is to inspire others to share their unique talents and gifts so that they live life filled with passion and purpose. As the founder of White Peacock Yoga School, she shares the teachings of traditional yoga practices in a relevant, modern way. Through White Peacock Yoga School Audrey leads certification programs globally and locally for aspiring yoga teachers, coaches and holistic health practitioners. See her teaching bio to learn more about her.

Audrey and Chris are creative partners—in life and in business.

Yoga has given Chris the gift of a healthy body and mind. As our musician and director of operations, he is the loving support and engine behind White Peacock Yoga. We like to say that Chris is also our surfing guru—at our yoga teacher trainings and retreats, he organizes surfing expeditions and adventure tours.

Boutique Yoga

At White Peacock Yoga, you will receive personable attention and guidance to truly nourish your self-growth. Here, we do not practice out-of-the-box yoga. McYoga is not the White Peacock way.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to inspire and increase wisdom in the world. When we apply our own wisdom to everyday life, we experience deeper connections with our families and communities. One by one, our local families and communities form a network of love and unity. That’s why the inspired practice of yoga matters. And it’s that quality of practice that we aim to bring to you. We are all about Living RAW: Real. Authentic. Wisdom.™

Live Your Yoga

Life is quite the journey, isn’t it? Observe your internal environment with patience, humor, and courage—life’s ups and downs show us our unique path to everyday wisdom and compassion.

We consistently encourage you to cultivate your yoga, to treasure your wisdom. We wish you much peace and happiness as you continuously discover what keeps your light shining brightest. OM.