To travel is a gift. Whether it’s flying off to a foreign land or jumping a couple states over, traveling gives you a fresh look at life that can sometimes go stale without a change of scenery (and culture). For many of us, actually getting to your destination is the boring part of traveling; you are forced to sit still in a small space as time passes by. If you travel by plane, the plight of getting from Point A to Point B is even more unpleasant as it wreaks havoc on your body and mind – more than you might realize. Air travel can cause a temporary state of anxiety, stress, dehydration, body stiffness, and poor circulation (this can lead to bigger problems like blood clots).


What is your airplane protocol? Do you zone out to a movie, fall fast asleep, read a good book, or chat the time away? Chances are you’re trying to do anything that preoccupies your mind while sitting for hours. The body is meant to move, the blood is meant to flow so this is a very unnatural state for your body to be in. You might think catching up on sleep is the best solution for staying stationary, but this actually means your body is moving less AND you are drinking less water. When you deboard the plane, you will experience more stiffness and dehydration. Arrive to your destination with vigor by doing something you may not have thought possible.


Practice airplane yoga

Doing select yoga poses during your flight will help your body and mind transition from air to land, and helps blood circulation, eases anxiety, reduces stress, helps prevent blood clotting, and invigorates your body.


Try this simple 7-minute airplane yoga flow every hour you are in the air. This is a sequence I have been doing for years to help my body during all of the travel I love to do – whether I’m headed to Costa Rica or Bali for yoga retreats or experiencing unreal adventures on Neker Island with Sir Richard Branson. I love to travel, I love my yoga, and I love sharing how these two loves marry perfectly on an airplane. Bon voyage yogis!


WATCH: Airplane Yogini


Video by Micaela Malmi Photography