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The White Peacock Yoga teacher training combines the traditional practice of Hatha yoga with modern day asanas and experiential learning. Our focus is not on the attainment of perfected physical poses, but on the practice of inspiring our hearts to awake to the beauty that envelops us each day, in every situation. You will often hear our encouraging teachers say, “This is your yoga.”

Our 200-hour RAW Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher trainings are accredited by Yoga Alliance. We equally welcome dedicated beginners seeking to grow their practices and more experienced yogis who feel called to teach. All that’s required from any teacher training participant is a sincere intention to learn with an open heart and mind.

We strive to balance serious study with joyful play. With no interest of being on a pedestal, White Peacock Yoga instructors maintain the highest level of personal practice and integrity—both on and off the mat. We recognize our yoga teacher training students as a reflection of the Divine within each of us.

White Peacock Yoga trainings are customizable and personalized to meet individual and/or group needs. Our teacher training programs can be completed in flexible modules, with contact work completed in studio and/or retreat settings and the possibility of meeting other requirements online.

Curriculum Overview

  • General form of poses
  • Alignment principles
  • Benefits/contraindications
  • Intelligent sequencing principles
  • Use of modifications and props
  • Detailed explanations of various pranayamas
  • Benefits/contraindications
  • How to teach/practice teaching
  • Meditation techniques
  • Theory of meditation
  • Practice teaching meditation
Chanting + Mantra
  • Recitation/practice
  • Sanskrit terminology, correct pronunciation, meaning
  • Purpose
Subtle Energy
  • Study of the chakras, nadis, pranas
  • Tuning into the inner body's energetic pathways
  • History of yoga
  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
  • Shamanic roots of yoga
  • Branches of yoga
  • Learning effective demonstrations
  • Observation and assisting skills
  • Practice teaching and feedback
  • Study of anatomy
  • Change and radical self-inquiry
  • Yogi bodywork–Asanassage™
Marketing + Business
  • Get to the heart of your offering
  • Creative collaborations
  • Social media
  • Fundamentals of Seva
  • Volunteering and/or donating


Fees for Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Program: $2,897 (Payment Plans available)
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2018 Schedule

Program Dates: Feb 3rd - March 24th, 2018, SATURDAYS + SUNDAYS 10:30AM - 6:30PM.