Ever notice that some days you just feel a bit off? Maybe it’s the weather, work/home/relationship stress, a full moon or just because. We recognize the day is drab because the others surrounding it don’t feel this way – they feel, well, brighter. You may feel compelled to push the feeling aside or reside in its ugliness. I urge you to welcome the unsettledness of these far-and-few-between days. To me, these days can be a gift – making me grateful for the abundance of good days I do have. I don’t try to overcorrect the feeling or dwell either. Instead, I ride out the hours like a wave.


Now, if these “off” days are coming one after another and you feel more like you’re surviving than thriving, you might just be in a rut. Not sure if you’re stuck in a rut? Answer these questions:


On Mondays, are you already longing for the weekend?


Do you watch the clock wishing the workday to end?


What is your passion? Do you have one? When was the last time you experienced it?


Our days are filled with a series of routines – the way we shower to the route we take to school/work/store. Routines aren’t bad and, in fact, they can be good for us. They also can become quite vexing when we forget why we started the routine in the first place. Or maybe that reason no longer serves a purpose. This is how ruts are formed – when we repeat a pattern of behavior that isn’t fulfilling or purposeful. We end up feeling uninspired and unmotivated.


Getting unstuck from your rut isn’t just about feeling better day to day, it’s also about doing better. Clear away the muck, get unstuck and discover your dharma – your purpose. When we know our purpose, our days are fulfilling as we serve others, love more, and live freely. This is a life of Joy and I want this for you.


If you’re ready to get out of your rut, try these 10 ways to get unstuck and find your purpose.



1. Move Your Body

We are beautiful vessels of energy and sometimes the energy gets locked. It literally holds us back. The best way to unlock the energy is to move. Move big and with all of your might. It might feel ridiculous at first but you will feel freer after. Dance, run, jump, do yoga.



This one is the most impactful. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Think of something you loved doing as a child. The Universe wants nothing more than to support us in this life. When we are children, we know we can achieve anything, so we try everything. No fear. Tap into that fearless spirit and do something you did when you were a kid.  Draw, paint, collect shells, hike in nature, read a novel, play a sport, skip, run aimlessly, sing out loud!


3. Get Uncomfortable

The reason you feel stuck is because you got too comfortable being in the routine. Get out of the proverbial box you put yourself in and shake it up! Just do something different, something that makes you feel uncomfortable – maybe something you are afraid of. Attend a workshop on an unfamiliar subject, take a class, get an adrenaline rush, or introduce yourself to a stranger. Go out and do something that even scares you!


4. Cleanse/Detox

Don’t just move your body on the outside, get the insides flowing too! Flushing out toxins clears the body and mind.This clarity heightens your awareness for everything you consume from food to information to fresh ideas. Deep breathing exercises, nutrient rich foods and cleansing what you watch and listen to will radically change your perception of life.


5. Sing

Whether you think you can or not, it’s time to sing and sing loud. Give your heart and soul a voice and let it be heard. At White Peacock Yoga, we show our devotion through singing Kirtan. Together, our voices combine and we raise the vibration in the room, in our hearts and in our community. It is a special practice that at first can be scary (everything new is), but it is divinely beautiful. Just open your mouth and let the sound flow out.



6. Travel

The simple act of traveling immerses you into a world of new cultures, beliefs and perspectives. This newness is something the soul craves and it will help draw out a creative force. Try a yoga retreat for the ultimate mind-body adventure.


7. Journal

Instead of getting stuck in your head try putting your thoughts, thanks, activities and ideas down on paper. Journaling is a great way to download your day while also making room for more brilliant observations and thoughtful thinking.


8. Set A Big/New Goal

Goal-setting is the best way change a habit or pattern. Make sure the goal is achievable and has a deadline to keep you on track. Nothing is more exhilarating than accomplishing something you have never done or never thought possible. It’s a powerful tool to awaken the spirit and fall in love with something different.



9. Meditate

Devoting time each day to meditate or pray is a profound reminder that we are more than our bodies. Be still and listen.


10. Reflect

Yes, living in the moment is ideal. But if we don’t take time to reflect on how far we’ve come then we may not know where we want to go. Reflect regularly with gratitude and appreciation. If you note that you are off course, go back to #9 above and choose a new course.



There you have it – 10 actions you can take now to steer you out of your own way. Try one at a time and maybe they turn into your new routine of living life with purpose.